Company Profile

Introduction of Company

Black Gold Trade Development has started its activity since 2013 year stepped to the economical activities, having the following subsets:

- Bitumen product complex and Steel drum (MLCO)

- Lotfi’s contracting institute for melting bitumen Carriage in direction of economical, productive, commercial and trading activities inside and outside of the country.

- Generating packaging units for giving speedy in product, sale , Bitumen-delivery to the customers, facilitating transportation , maintenance and consumption of bitumen, optimizing and developing bitumen-carriage fleet and also in future producing kinds of humidity insulation.

Black gold trade development has the mission to help Iran’s development and progress in industry via producing the best and highest quality product of bitumen and its packaging containers, in harmony with the valid markets and as per the world’s today standards latest. In this direction we are proud of presenting the rapid services and responding and being recognized as a valid complex among others after obtaining many experiences and providing special conditions for the customers.

By using the most skillful and expert human power and presenting the best and highest quality products and delivery as soon as possible to the customers in best way, we are planning to achieve an excellent complex for the bitumen and bitumen utensil applicants in Iran and abroad.

We hope to approach to the aforesaid aims via ever-increasing following and endeavors.
black gold trading co profile