Black Gold Holding

Black Gold Holding

Introduction of the operational units of Black Gold

Trade Development Complex:

Black Gold Trade Development Complex with an area of 62000 sqm. located at kilometer 11 of north of Moorcheh-Khort in Isfahan Province, is one of the greatest productive complexes for producing bitumen , steel drum and paking in Isfahan Province and in Iran which it includes the following units:

Bitumen production unit:

The bitumen production unit of this company has the ability for producing the penetration bitumen having standard logo issued by Iranian standard organization according to the newest current standards in this field.

Drum Manufacturing and painting unit:

This complex has three drum manufacturing lines with product capacity of 4000 drum a day for every one which are directed by the trained and skillful personnel’s.

Offloading, Paking and Loading unit:

This complex has four line and square for offloading bitumen and filling drum in which two its squares have capacity of 1200 ton and two other squares also have capacity of 700 ton. The above complex has the ability of paking and loading for 1000 ton Bitumen a day at minimum in rotatory.

The other parts of this complex is including the suitable platforms for bulk bitumen, offloading , heating position with capacity of 15 trucks and considered as the other excellent properties by this unit.

Guarantee unit and product quality control:

This complex has the laboratory for testing and controlling bitumen quality with the newest and most modern equipments and necessary facilities, specialist and professional man power who has the competence to do necessary tests, and maintenance or to submit the sample as per the customer’s request.

Taking necessary certificates from the authorities in direction of guarantee the quality and control management and following environmental standards are considered as the fixed policies of this company.